Wedding Photography Tip #2

should always talk to the parents on both sides to make sure they get the formal photos the PARENTS hope to get at the wedding. It is always easiest to get formal or group photos immediately after the ceremony. See yesterday’s tip.

Have each set of parents put together a list of photos they wish to get. Have them include, in the list, each person or family that should be in the photo. Don’t forget about godparents and people who are special to the Bride and Groom.

After the ceremony, assign a person to help organize the people who need to be in the photos. The bride and groom have too much going on to be responsible for this and the photographer or photographer’s assistant won’t know who family members are.

Although the special day is for the bride and groom, it’s also a time that family gets together. Often wedding day pictures are looked on as pieces of history years later. Don’t let great aunt Mildred slip by without being included in the family photo.

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