Wedding Photography Tip #3 – Engagement / Lifestyle / Getting to Know You Session

As a wedding photographer, I’m often asked what I enjoy photographing the most. Of the wedding day, I’d say it’s the time between the ceremony and reception and/or the first dance.

If a person has booked a wedding package with me, they will receive a complementary engagement session (this is sometimes called a “getting to know you session” or a “lifestyle session”…among other things). This is truly the most fun I probably will have with the couple and is the session I enjoy the most. Why, because there are no rules. Usually there is no time frame, usually there are no boundaries and I get to losen the couple up and get them to just have some fun.

I, as a photographer, have an ulterior motive. I want to learn how far I can push the couple, how they interact with each other and quite probably how they will interact with each other on the wedding day. I am very upfront about my objectives and tell the couple what I’m looking for and what I expect from them at the beginning of the session. The guys usually roll their eyes, the girls usually say, “we ARE going to have fun.” In the end I’ve only had one guy, in over 100 engagement sessions, ever say he thought it was a lot of work. Mission accomplished…some super fun photos for the couple, a learning day for me, a day I get to experiment and push my boundaries a little and in the end a couple that will be happy they spent that 1.5 hours with me…getting to know their photographer.

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Artistic based full service Photography Studio specializing in a blend of styles, photojournalistic to traditional. Servicing Metro Detroit, Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, Ann Arbor as well as many other areas in southeastern Michigan, Grand Rapids, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin TX and New York. Services include weddings and events, Mitzvahs, family portraits, High School Senior Photography and Head Shots.

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