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Dax and Alexa – Detroit Institute of Arts Wedding

Dax and Alexa are about as “Detroit” as a couple from Chicago can get. I love Chicago, but I think it’s so cool this couple chose Detroit for their wedding, because they enjoy being in the D.
From the getting ready photos at the Crowne Plaza, to the guys hitting some highlights of the city before the wedding, to the beautiful ceremony at the DIA. Wow, what a whirlwind day and the best part was that the rain cleared out so we could capture it all.
Best wishes to a beautiful couple and their lifetime together!

Food Photography… I don’t think Mike shoots food

Chalk this up to a fairly new experience. I’ve shot some food when I was in school and at wedding receptions, etc. My new client, Matt Prentice Restaurant Group, has asked me to photograph their venues, events and chef’s creations. This was my first go around with the chef’s creations part. I was pretty happy with the result, mainly because it was something new and because Chop House VI is a fairly dark restaurant and most of my food photography in the past had been done with natural light with some fill. Chef Jason was a blast to work with and the food (in between different plates to shoot) was wonderful. I’d highly recommend Chop House VI for a date night with someone special.