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Becca and Michael – MacRay Harbor Wedding

We fought the probability of rain most of the day, but Becca and Michael didn’t let it stop them from an amazingly beautiful wedding. Michael, who is in the US Coast Guard, helped to organize the nautical themed wedding. Becca and her bridesmaids looked wonderful and other than the outdoor ceremony being moved in, the day went off without a hitch.

Best Wishes, Becca and Michael!

Dominic and Jessica – MacRay Harbor Wedding Day

Jessica and Dom had a beautiful day planned. With royal blue Michigan sky to compliment the peacock color pallet chosen for the day, we celebrated their marriage. MacRay Harbor was the setting for the ceremony. As a first for our photography studio, Jess and Dom planned a blindfolded first look. We set up in downtown Mt. Clemens for some fun shots with the bridal party and the blindfolded introduction. It was then off to MacRay for the ceremony and party to follow. It was a very warm day, but the friends and family filled the seats on the shores of Lake St. Clair. Congratulations to Jessica and Dom.

Chelsey and Jeff – Marine City and Lake St. Clair Wedding

We last saw Chelsey and Jeff on a cold March day, this was the exact opposite, a hot nearly July day.  Marine City’s Holy Cross church was the backdrop for a beautiful wedding day.  Although there were lots of program fanning the guests during the ceremony, it was all smiles from the bride and groom.   Chelsey and Jeff have won my award for the largest wedding party I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  We spent time photographing at Luna Kai and Belle Mare Marina after the wedding and before heading to MacRay Harbor for the reception.  The view from the reception was breathtaking, overlooking the marina and Lake St. Clair, with the happiness for Chelsey and Jeff providing the background sound.  Congratulations!