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Julie and Ryan – Detroit Wedding | The Rattlesnake Club

Julie and Ryan live in Detroit and wanted a wedding that was based around what they love about the “D”. Julie got ready at the Marriott Ren Cen and had a room with a beautiful view of the river. What a relaxed and fun group of girls that were Julie’s bridesmaids.

We then travelled to the couple’s home in Corktown for the first look at some fun photos with Ryan and Julie. Everyone then headed to Dequindre Cut for a little more urban and rustic look with the entire wedding party.

Finally, The Rattlesnake Club became our final destination with some great images in the old Stroh’s complex around the Rattlesnake. Then at 5:00, Julie and Ryan became husband and wife and the party started.

We truly enjoyed our day with the happy couple. Best wishes and enjoy!

Richard and Sarah – Michigan State Engagement Session

Richard and Sarah have been together for 7 years now and are going to tie the knot next year. They started dating at Troy High School and then on to MSU where they enjoyed their college years together.

They chose to have their e-session shot around the campus of MSU. I must admit (even though I’m a UM fan), the campus at MSU is really nice and I like shooting there. Can’t wait until their big day next June.

Photographer’s Guide To A Stress Free Wedding Day

A photographer’s perspective on planning a stress free wedding day
General advice
  • Hire a planner or at least a day of coordinator
  • If you’re the DIY type, get it out of your system before the wedding day and let other people handle the Day-Of DIY stuff.
  • Double the time you think you need.  For EVERYTHING.
  • get your clothes ready the night before
  • Go to bed early the night before and get up early
  • Start your wedding day well rested
  • If you are coordinating your own wedding, confirm everything with all vendors the week before your wedding to avoid do-of surprises
  • Plan out the day with your photographer so you know what it will take to get photos like the ones in his portfolio website
  • Ask your family and friends not to involve you in issue resolution unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure you have snacks around for you and your wedding party / family while you’re getting ready in the morning/afternoon.  Everyone is happier when they are not hungry.
photography advice
  • Do an engagement session with your wedding photog
    • This gets you acquainted so that your much more comfortable with them on your wedding day.  Wouldn’t you rather hug the photographer when they walk into your hotel room and your half dressed?
    • On your wedding day’ You’ll be better in front of the camera, more relaxed and the wedding photos will look better.
    • these images will show who you really are.  Wedding photos are a fantasy.  Engagement photos keep it real.
  • Hire professional hair and makeup artists!  You face on this day is too important to give to an amateur.
    • Schedule plenty of time for hair and makeup. Plan to allow for at least 3 hours but 4 is better.
    • Schedule to be finished with hair and makeup 2-3 hours before the ceremony.  This allows time to do getting ready photos in a relaxed state.  This also allows time to do bridal portraits before the ceremony while you still look perfect.
  • DO A FIRST LOOK before the ceremony
    • Private moment with your partner that you will not have again until the end of the night.
    • You can get great photos of the first look in great light.  Chances are you won’t get this at the ceremony.
    • You can then finish the bridal party and at least some of the family photos before the cocktails begin.   You may even get to enjoy part of cocktail hour yourself!
  • designate a family member or friend as the family formals people gatherer.  Without this the family photos will take three times as long.
  • Don’t let your wedding party (or yourself) get too shitfaced before the ceremony.  This makes photos take much longer.
  • Book your ceremony and reception as geographically close together as possible. Minimize drive time between.
  • Find out what else is going on near your wedding on your wedding day.  Don’t be surprised by terrible traffic or a parade route making you late for your weddIng
  • Have your flowers delivered to wherever your getting ready so you have them for photos.
  • Bring comfortable flats to wear dying the photos.  You can put the heels on for the shots that need them.  Your new husband will not mind looking a little taller in the photos.
Looking good for the camera
  • Ask an honest friend if your dress fits you.  Seriously.  Don’t be a muffin in a wedding dress.
  • Wear a veil.  You can use it to cover your arms for beautiful portraits that hide a part of you that you seldom like in photographs

Great Groupon Value on Irresistible You Boudoir Photography

Wedding Photography Tip

Advice for couples who are planning their weddings. Allow enough time for formal photos after the ceremony.

Relying on grabbing family photos at the reception is something I’ve seen fail more times than I can count.

Brides…do you have some “must have advice” for couples planning their weddings?

Welcome Tristan and Happy Parents!

Maybe some readers remember in December, 2010 we did a maternity session with Jennifer and Matt. On Feb 1st, Jennifer and Matt welcomed Tristan to the world and we got to meet him on the 13th for his first photo session. He was a pretty happy and awake little guy for the entire session. We look forward to seeing more of Tristan in a few months for his 3-4 month pictures. Congratulations Jennifer and Matt, you have a beautiful little boy!

Miss K – Boudoir Session

Miss K came to us looking for some similar shots we’ve done for other women, but we were able to mix it up a little and give her some different images, as well as what she had seen from the previous sessions. Miss K has a great look that worked well for some themed shots as well as some really nice boudoir images.

Allison and Nirav – Fairytale in Ann Arbor

This was a second shooter gig for me, but I truly felt like I got to enjoy the day and capture some moments that you can’t always get as the primary. Allison and Nirav live on a great old property outside of the hustle and bustle of Ann Arbor. They turned their property into a great location for a wedding that I heard described by the groom as Allison’s fairytale wedding. It was truly amazing how much they had transformed the place into an elaborate and elegant wedding and reception area. Complete with an outdoor lounge area, complete with couches and a four piece ensemble. Kudos to Weddings by Katherine’s for the wedding planning, she and her staff pulled off an amazing event. I truly enjoyed working with Joy Peter’s from LA, as her second.

The End to a Great Wedding

So, I finished up the Toronto Indian wedding on Saturday. We started the day with some informal and candid shots of the bride and groom before the reception. We had planned on a park setting, but the rain drove us inside…to an amazing Missassauga, Ontario City Hall. What a great venue to shoot at. The reception was a lot of fun and Niro and Padi have started a wonderful life together. Thanks again to David Lai for letting me shoot the wedding and reception with him. I learned a ton and have a new photographer friend in Toronto.