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Megan and Keith – School Starts and the Teachers Get Hitched

Megan and Keith met when teaching math at the same high school. September 2, they tied the knot and decided that 9+2=11 (the date of their wedding) and will live happily ever after. What a fun couple and bridal party. I don’t think I’ve ever met a cooler bride and groom on their wedding day, nothing was going to phase either one of them, and that was the case. Megan and Keith chose a “first look” alone, at Shelby Township Heritage Park, to start the days festivities. The bridal party then traveled to Troy Historical Village for some fun photos in the historic school and around the grounds. Then it was on to the ceremony at Stoney Creek Metroark and a beautiful setting next to the lake, for the most important part of the day. We then finished off the fun at Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township for the night of celebration and partying. What a beautiful day and a handsome couple.

Brian and Q – 10/6/10

Brian called me about a week ago and was looking for a photographer for 10/6/10. I looked at my calendar and not only was it midweek, it was about one week away. So after a really fun meeting with Brian and Q (the name Qian prefers to go by in the U.S.) we were ready for 10/6…a day of very good luck in Q’s Chinese culture.

I was really looking forward to a wedding being held at Troy Historical Museum. It’s like a mini Greenfield Village, without all the walking. The church at the museum is really an amazing place with super light on a bright October day in Michigan. After the ceremony and some fun photos around the village, we made our way back to Brian’s brother’s home in Rochester Hills for the reception. Another amazing place and I think Brian and Q had a simple, laid-back day to remember. Best of luck!