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Eric and Erin – Our Lady of Sorrows and Cherry Creek Wedding

We last saw Eric and Erin in the fall of 2015 at MSU, where they met. The big day finally arrived and weather was nearly ideal.
Erin got ready at one of her bridesmaids homes and then the crew made their way to Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Farmington. A beatuiful ceremony wed Eric and Erin. Erin played a part in choosing much of the music and readings during the ceremony which made it even more special.
It was then off to Rochester Mills Beer Co. for some fun around the pool table and to celebrate. Then Cherry Creek Golf Club was our final destination for cocktail hour and the reception. We had a perfect evening for photos.
Congratulations Eric and Erin.

Lance and Kaitlyn – Laurel Manor Wedding

Kaitlyn and Lance were last seen in this blog in the fall, when they were planning their big day. It finally came and what a great time was had by their whole family. Daughters Kelsey and London were also happy participants.

Pre wedding photos took place at Kaitlyn’s grandparents home in a great wooded and garden setting and then it was off to Laurel Manor for the ceremony and reception.

Congratulations Kaitlyn and Lance.

Jessica and Nick – Inn at St. John’s Wedding

Jessica and Nick’s big day arrived and although it was April 1, there was no joking about what was about to happen. They both were so excited for the moment the officiant pronounced them man and wife.

For those of us who live in Michigan, we all know too well how April can be a mixture of many seasons. The first day of April 2016 gave us a nearly perfect weather day for Jessica and Nick’s celebration. The chapel at Inn at St. John’s for the wedding and the Atrium for the extra beautiful reception. Thanks to some help from Laura Davis & Co. with the overall coordination and help planning the day.

Best wishes for a wonderful life together Jessica and Nick.

Erin and Eric – Michigan State Engagement Session

Although they didn’t meet at MSU, they both graduated from MSU and that bond evenutally brought them together indirectly. Season football ticket holders and true Sparty fans.
We spent time wandering around the MSU camputs, which is absolutely beautiful this time of the year. We found some of Eric and Erin’s favorite spots on our trek.
Stay tuned for a July 2016 wedding.

Kial and Brandon – St. Ambrose and Belle Isle Casino Wedding

The last time we saw Kial and Brandon on this blog, it was a cold winter day. Their wedding was a beautiful fall Saturday.
We started with some “getting ready” photos at both respective locations. It was then off to the ceremony held at St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe. A beautiful ceremony at a well preserved historic church.
The couple then chose to hit some of their favorite spots in Detroit for some photos. The afternoon light on the Riverwalk was spectacular and we found some early fall colors on Belle Isle for some photos there before heading to the reception.
The Belle Isle Casino was transformed into a party atmosphere. After a wonderful meal the guests danced and partied the night away, clebrating Kial and Brandon’s big day.

Things to keep in mind when you choose a wedding photographer!

A couple about to be married asked me recently how one can distinguish truly good photography, so I decided to set out some criteria and my thoughts on how a couple can tell what good wedding photography is.

More and more professional photographers tout the quality and unique style of their work. Is that a good thing? It depends. If you went to buy a car, would a salesman ever tell you it’s not worth it and send you elsewhere? Of course not! For the same reason, any photographer is going to promote his work any way he can. The difference is that a car has certain quantitative, qualitative and financially measureable characteristics thatcan be compared, while photography is largely an intellectual product without a tangible measure of comparison, except through prints and digital albums. Most couples make the mistake of comparing photographer prices on the basis of prints and free gifts offered in the package. But what about the artistic andintellectual side of the product? What about the dream of those unique, spontaneous photos we wanted to keep from that special day?

What most couples realize right after their wedding is that they don’t remember anything about their wedding day! They expect their photos to keep those moments alive and show them highlights that they themselves may not even recall. The conclusion is that the photographer should inspire confidence that he can cover the event just as you would like to remember it.

second important criterion in selecting a photographer is his personal perspective. Beyond just making a record, a good photographer can go a step further and highlight a powerful snapshot or detail that you might not have thought important or even noticed. That snapshot gives a more authentic look at the event and is directly related to the photographer’s perspective and the way he works. The angles he shoots from and the lenses he selects are an example of that.

A good indication of the above is to ask the prospective professional photographer to make a complete wedding presentation – from start to finish. That will give you an overall picture of the way he works and the result you can expect. I’m sure that after two or three presentations, the couple will be in a better position to judge and make a confident decision. If you are still not sure, you can always seek advice from a friend who is more familiar with photography in general.

Photographer’s Guide To A Stress Free Wedding Day

A photographer’s perspective on planning a stress free wedding day
General advice
  • Hire a planner or at least a day of coordinator
  • If you’re the DIY type, get it out of your system before the wedding day and let other people handle the Day-Of DIY stuff.
  • Double the time you think you need.  For EVERYTHING.
  • get your clothes ready the night before
  • Go to bed early the night before and get up early
  • Start your wedding day well rested
  • If you are coordinating your own wedding, confirm everything with all vendors the week before your wedding to avoid do-of surprises
  • Plan out the day with your photographer so you know what it will take to get photos like the ones in his portfolio website
  • Ask your family and friends not to involve you in issue resolution unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure you have snacks around for you and your wedding party / family while you’re getting ready in the morning/afternoon.  Everyone is happier when they are not hungry.
photography advice
  • Do an engagement session with your wedding photog
    • This gets you acquainted so that your much more comfortable with them on your wedding day.  Wouldn’t you rather hug the photographer when they walk into your hotel room and your half dressed?
    • On your wedding day’ You’ll be better in front of the camera, more relaxed and the wedding photos will look better.
    • these images will show who you really are.  Wedding photos are a fantasy.  Engagement photos keep it real.
  • Hire professional hair and makeup artists!  You face on this day is too important to give to an amateur.
    • Schedule plenty of time for hair and makeup. Plan to allow for at least 3 hours but 4 is better.
    • Schedule to be finished with hair and makeup 2-3 hours before the ceremony.  This allows time to do getting ready photos in a relaxed state.  This also allows time to do bridal portraits before the ceremony while you still look perfect.
  • DO A FIRST LOOK before the ceremony
    • Private moment with your partner that you will not have again until the end of the night.
    • You can get great photos of the first look in great light.  Chances are you won’t get this at the ceremony.
    • You can then finish the bridal party and at least some of the family photos before the cocktails begin.   You may even get to enjoy part of cocktail hour yourself!
  • designate a family member or friend as the family formals people gatherer.  Without this the family photos will take three times as long.
  • Don’t let your wedding party (or yourself) get too shitfaced before the ceremony.  This makes photos take much longer.
  • Book your ceremony and reception as geographically close together as possible. Minimize drive time between.
  • Find out what else is going on near your wedding on your wedding day.  Don’t be surprised by terrible traffic or a parade route making you late for your weddIng
  • Have your flowers delivered to wherever your getting ready so you have them for photos.
  • Bring comfortable flats to wear dying the photos.  You can put the heels on for the shots that need them.  Your new husband will not mind looking a little taller in the photos.
Looking good for the camera
  • Ask an honest friend if your dress fits you.  Seriously.  Don’t be a muffin in a wedding dress.
  • Wear a veil.  You can use it to cover your arms for beautiful portraits that hide a part of you that you seldom like in photographs

Claudia and Tony’s Winter Wedding – Shelby Township and Sterling Heights

Claudia and Tony planned a beautiful winter wedding.  We had hoped for light snow and a snow covered ground…and that wasn’t quite what we had, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless.  Claudia spent a wonderful morning with her family getting ready and celebrating the upcoming nuptials.  The wedding took place at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Shelby Township.  Due to the wind and unpredictable weather that day, we decided Dave & Buster’s in Utica may be a fun and better place to take some photos of the bridal party.  Dave & Busters allowed us to use their facility for some truly fun photos of the bridal party.  We then moved onto Penna’s of Sterling Heights for the reception.  Claudia and her mother definitely had a great vision of what they wanted Claudia’s day to look like.  Penna’s room looked just gorgeous.  We had a great time covering Claudia and Tony’s day and are looking forward to seeing the day’s film from Joseph Bauer Studios.  Best wishes and congratulations to Claudia and Tony.


Carolyn and Elra – Lovely Thanksgiving Weekend Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to Carolyn and Elra’s wedding since their engagement session this summer. Carolyn is a fun and witty gal, and Elra is the perfect mate for her. We started their day with a “first look” at the Guardian Building in Detroit. The Guardian Building gave us a perfect backdrop for the first look and Carolyn’s beautiful dress. We then made a quick stop at Harry the Hatter’s to do a fun shot with the guys and their hats from Harry’s. Then it was on to the Fox Theatre and Woodward Ave. for some city backdrops.

The ceremony was at the beautiful Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Detroit. You can’t ask for a much more beautiful church than Sweetest Heart of Mary. It complimented Elra and Carolyn’s attire perfectly. After the ceremony, it was off for a fun evening and meal at Sycamore Hills in Chesterfield Township. Elra and Carolyn were off to Maui the next morning and we look forward to sharing their pictures with them when they get back. Congratulations.

Wedding Photography Tip #2

should always talk to the parents on both sides to make sure they get the formal photos the PARENTS hope to get at the wedding. It is always easiest to get formal or group photos immediately after the ceremony. See yesterday’s tip.

Have each set of parents put together a list of photos they wish to get. Have them include, in the list, each person or family that should be in the photo. Don’t forget about godparents and people who are special to the Bride and Groom.

After the ceremony, assign a person to help organize the people who need to be in the photos. The bride and groom have too much going on to be responsible for this and the photographer or photographer’s assistant won’t know who family members are.

Although the special day is for the bride and groom, it’s also a time that family gets together. Often wedding day pictures are looked on as pieces of history years later. Don’t let great aunt Mildred slip by without being included in the family photo.